Current Updates

Current Updates

Israel - West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Update

West is committed to providing timely and transparent communications to all our stakeholders regarding the ongoing events in Israel and their impact to our manufacturing operations at our West Israel facilities and our overall supply chain.

Our first priority remains the safety and welfare of our team members, their families, and their communities in this region. At this time, all West sites, suppliers, and partners remain operational with no significant disruption to our manufacturing and supply chain operations, and our main logistic lanes remain open for air and sea freight.

While there is increased hostile activity occurring in the Red Sea and many major commercial shipping companies have suspended shipping in the Red Sea, this change does NOT impact West products or our suppliers at this time.

We continue to take proactive measures to mitigate risk and provide our customers with continuity of supply by accelerating shipment of all finished goods and critical components out of Israel, as well as utilizing alternative network warehouse solutions. If an order is completed early, a West team member will reach out accordingly to discuss logistics.

Our global crisis team continues to monitor this evolving situation and maintains close contact with our suppliers and logistics partners. We will keep you informed of any changes that may have implications for your business.

We are grateful and humbled by the unwavering dedication of our West Israel team and partners for their continued support of our customers and the patients they serve.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate through challenges and minimize any impacts on our business operations due to these tragic events. Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success representative if you have any specific customer inquiries or concerns.


Last Updated on January 19, 2024

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